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Month: December 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside: Don't Have to Be Old to Retire

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Don’t Have to Be Old to Retire

Here’s our annual holiday hit and follow-up to last year’s song. This year’s is to the tune of Baby It’s Cold Outside, but our version is called: “Don’t Have to Be Old to Retire.” Mr. T wrote the words and they are a very exaggerated version of our usual conversations around the Banks house (he’s the spender). I will reiterate VERY EXAGGERATED. But he wrote it and he’s singing this year, so everyone is very excited! Enjoy!

Happy Holidays friends! We’ll see you in 2018!

Love, the Banks

Would You Postpone Christmas?

Would You Postpone Christmas?

An old friend of mine recently shared her Christmas tradition with her husband. They postpone Christmas!

Focusing on the Holiday by Postponing Christmas

My friend said that each year, she and her husband set a budget based on their income, goals, and financial goal status for that year. Then, they do no shopping at all until December 26!

2017 Year in Review (including some things I haven't told you)

2017 Year in Review (including some things I haven’t told you)

2017 has been a weird one for me. And as my friends, I thought you might enjoy a recap of why. Here’s our 2017 Year in Review:
Why We're On the Slow Route to Early Retirement

Why We’re On the Slow Route to Early Retirement

Our family is on the slow route to early retirement. Our story will never be shared on big news outlets because it just isn’t that interesting: “Couple saved money for 15 years to retire in their late 40s!” – 12 years? late 40s? But this is a conscience choice for us.

Why we’re heading to early retirement

The “Why” is always the most important question about a journey to early retirement. In our case, it’s not because we hate our lives now. It’s because we would rather take money out of the equation. Mr. T doesn’t love his job, but he also doesn’t hate it. He’s not the one stuck at work with tight deadlines, no sleep, panic attacks googling: “How do I retire early?”

November 2017 Plan Update

November 2017 Plan Update

November came and went in a flash. It included a stressful week at the office (which included the hotel giving Kate @ Goodnight Debt and I chlorine burns). It also included a weekend with my sister (post-stress workweek) that included binge-watching and many delicious desserts. At the home front, we’re in the thick of sledding and ice skating season. Mr. T has successfully shaped our driveway snowpile into a sledding track as usual and we’re all enjoying ourselves. Christmas decorations are up and we’re enjoying our holidays so far with food, warm drinks, and cozy blankets. My favorite way!

The Numbers:

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