What’s REALLY happening at FinCon15

Disclaimer: I am not at FinCon this year. But I can tell you what’s happening based entirely on the #FinCon15 hastag on Twitter. Yeah. The real story. From a 3 hour segment yesterday. So, let’s start with the basics:

FinCon is in Charlotte. And the weather is lovely.


But we also know that people don’t just go to FinCon for business…


They primarily go there for free stuff. Because it is a group of really cheap people that love money. They’re squashing any minimalist notion they might have and diving in deep:


And there’s some good swag to be had at FinCon. In fact, they’re just handing out cash!


There’s also hidden money to be found. There’s a cheeky bird about that pits people against each other fighting for $25 gift cards. (There is no conference at which I would imagine this being more competitive.)Fincon13


Also, there are pretend lost wallets that you turn in to get actual prizes. I think this defeats the purpose of seeing if these guys are honest enough to return it (since the money inside is fake)… but maybe that’s not the point…


Once you’ve got swag, you better hang on to it. Some people will take the swag right off your feet if you’re not careful!


But don’t worry, some people are actually attending presentations. But they are either falling asleep, coveting the carpet, or still looking for Freddie, the bird. The good news is if you are an anonymous blogger, unless you’re on the floor, your face is safe.


If you’re currently at FinCon, please take some advice from one of the Twitter followers (me): Go make a declaration at the Penny Hoarder’s booth:


Or check out the Selfie Station at the Country booth:


Because people at the Ally booth don’t seem to know how a photobooth works (it’s nearly the same picture, guys!):


And the only prop they seem to give you is money. You can only make that look so cool:


If you’re missing out on FinCon… don’t worry, I’ll do a recap on Monday of what you missed. Because this is obviously pretty comprehensive coverage I’m providing.Fincon15


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  1. Haha thanks for the play by play. Seems like I’m there 🙂

    • MaggieBanks

      Totally! (Maybe I’m the only one voraciously consuming Twitter feeds of FinCon!) 🙂

  2. Love it. 🙂 That pretty much matches what I’ve been seeing, though lots of “cute outfits at FinCon” pics on Instagram, too. Have a great weekend!

    • MaggieBanks

      I’m having fun watching all the coverage! Though I haven’t yet explored Instagram… yet!

  3. haha, this is pretty cool Maggie, I enjoyed that a lot and I’ll check back on monday for the recap!

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