How we keep track of our Money:

  • Personal Capital* – I thought bloggers were just using this for the affiliate link, but then I tried it out and it IS AMAZING. I mean, I love seeing graphs and charts, so I really love this. Also, I can see all of my accounts in one place! And it even calculates how much your account fees are costing you over the long term. And it’s FREE. That’s right, FREE (they hope you use their financial planning services but they don’t over-pitch them… obviously, don’t use them).

Fun Tools to Play With:

  • FIRECalc – An online calculator that looks at the success of a portfolio over ALL periods of time in the market and gives you a percent of success.
  • cFIREsim – This one does the same thing, but is more involved on the input side.
  • My Favorite Basic Compounding Calculator – Want to do a quick calculation of how much your investment can grow with a certain monthly savings? This is my go-to.

My Favorite Courses:

  • Travel Miles 101 – This is a FREE course on Travel Hacking at any pace. I highly recommend it. Again… FREE.
  • SEO Audit Guide* – This is an amazing, simple course on how to do SEO and start your own SEO side hustle.  I made my money back and then some in the first month after taking this course doing SEO work for others! Now, SEO is my most lucrative side hustle! (If you need an SEO website or content audit, I’m your gal!)

Money Books I Recommend:

  • How to Retire Early* by Robert & Robin Charlton – This is an AWESOME book from a couple that successfully retired early quickly and never made over $100,000/year collectively (my kind of story!). This book gives all the real numbers of how much they invested, how much they gained in the market, and how much they made every year of the journey.

Other Awesome Resources:

  • Evernote – Evernote has absolutely changed my life. I use it for everything (recipe book, address book, travel plans/itineraries, blog posts, work projects, book notes, memory book, etc.) I use the free level, which has been plenty for me. However, I highly recommend paying one time for:
  • Evernote Essentials*: Evernote is insanely awesome, but it comes with no real instructions. Brett Kelly was actually hired by Evernote for awhile after writing this book. It’s AMAZING at being a really simple step-by-step guide to making Evernote awesome for you and learning all the cool tips and tricks on how to use it effectively. This was absolutely worth my money.

*These are affiliate links. I get a commission at no cost to you if you use those links. Thanks!