#FinCon15 – A Twitter Story of FinCon

If you missed our initial coverage of FinCon15, you’ll need to know that we are not actually in Charlotte. We’re enjoying the fall up in Alaska. But don’t worry. We’re pretty sure we’ve gotten the entire story from FinCon15 based entirely on #FinCon15 posts on Twitter. We’ll fill you in on what you may have missed:

People networked and chatted so much, they got sick:Fincon20

In fact, so many people were talking, you had to wear headphones just to get people to STOP talking to you long enough for you to listen to someone else talk!


The talking crowds spilled over into meal times. Even the guy who started FinCon had to sit on the floor!


FinCon swag included selfie sticks.


…which went great with selfie lights. We’re into selfies at FinCon. Obvs.


So many great guests attended FinCon. Even the Blue Man Group sent a representative from their Financial Blog (called something like “Budgeting Blue Man Blog”… clever, original). I can only imagine his keynote was highly entertaining (I hear the first three rows had to wear garbage bags to avoid getting paint on their attire!).


Some people were clearly happier to be at FinCon than others:


Things quickly became unhinged at FinCon. Some people were getting all hopped up on room service (yes, I favorited this. Mainly that chocolate one.):


Others started sneaking out to drink:


Until FinCon events provided the booze:


#FinConPickupLines became a thing. This one was my favorite:


Even FinCon Freddie cut loose!


The parties got wild…



All that partying led to zombie-photo-bombings:


And by Sunday morning, everyone had apparently turned into zombies:


And just like that, FinCon15 was over.


Everyone detoxed in different ways. Some hit the gym:


Some found solace in barf bags:


While others grabbed all the freebies and got the heck out of town!


I look forward to #FinCon16!


I’ll definitely be present on Twitter if not in person!



What’s REALLY happening at FinCon15


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  1. Love this recap! FinCon is an exceptional gathering of social good influencers.

  2. That’s pretty much my impression of it all, too i had some major FOMO watching it all go down on social media. Will have to go next year!

    • MaggieBanks

      I’m still toying with whether to go. It’s closer than Charlotte, but we don’t have any family or anything in San Diego and a trip “outside” is still quite expensive. We’ll see…

  3. Ah, this is great! Definitely felt like I was there with all the updates, but pretty bummed to not experience it first hand. I would love to go next year since it will be on the west coast, but next year most of my vacation is going towards a wedding & honeymoon! I think the biggest thing I didn’t realize was how much dancing takes place at FinCon – that’s totally my gig!! Here’s to next year & hopefully all meeting each other in person. 🙂

    • MaggieBanks

      Yeah, with our big 10th anniversary trip to London and Paris next summer, I think we’re trying to cut down on other vacations. We’ll see if we make it down there. But I was thrilled about the amount of dancing as well!

  4. I learned J. Money really does have a crazy mohawk (and awesome beard). You don’t usually find these things out since many people are anonymous like myself.

  5. Almost like being there in person. It sounded like a blast. Not sure if that’s my thing, but I bet there were tons of relationships built, products imagined, and alliances formed. I absolutely love the idea of all that entrepreneurial spirit in one spot.

    • MaggieBanks

      I do too. But, like you said, I’m not sure if I would be super awesome, or be like “Well, looks like everyone has someone to talk to… I’ll just see myself out…”

  6. Thanks for the recap! I’ve always wanted to go to San Diego and this could be a great excuse to finally make it out there.

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