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Northern Expressions: Stuff vs. Time

Buying stuff and buying time are in direct competition for you hard-earned money

“Buying stuff and buying time are in direct competition for you hard-earned money, and the choices you make in this regard have a direct bearing on your future.”

-Robert & Robin Charlton in How to Retire Early

Enjoy some Friday inspiration from a seriously awesome book that uses real numbers to show how they actually earned early retirement! Happy weekend, friends.

Love, Maggie


Breaking Research: Live Rich or Die Young


The 4-Year Potential


  1. That is how I measure most purchases or decisions. It’s all about time vs money! Happy Friday!

  2. Love them! Love this quote, Thanks for the reminder, M! Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. 🙂

  3. Nice inspirational quote.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. A great quote! Happy Friday!

  5. Definitely worth thinking about. If you buy stuff you don’t need or want, you’ve wasted money. You’ve worked to create that you have literally wasted your life. Why do people do that?


  6. This is one of the very first and most important personal finance lessons I learned. That $100 splurge item divided by $10/hour income (or less, after taxes) = 10 hours of my life. Is it worth it? The answer has usually been “no.”

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