Northern Expressions

Northern Expressions: The Purpose of Work is to Create

You guys, maybe you’ve seen this around, but if you haven’t stopped to watch it. DO IT. This is Mr. Money Mustache talking about how the purpose of work is to create and when money isn’t in the equation, we can truly be authentic in our creativity. 

I watched this and was audibly yelling “YES! YES!” multiple times (reminding myself to be quiet to not wake up the kids!). THIS IS WHY WE WANT THIS!

I won’t take up any more of your time. WATCH THIS:

Happy Friday, Friends!

Love, Maggie


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  1. This is an awesome video – thanks for sharing. I was tempted to post this on my personal Facebook page, but was worried about the gist of it getting back to work. Soon, soon . . . then, all my friends will get an education.

  2. Such a great video. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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