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Northern Expressions: Don’t be an Ironing Board

Ironing board gave up dreams

Full Disclosure: I ripped this off Facebook. If you created this image, please let me know and I will give you credit!

Today’s inspirational quote comes from… RANDOM GUY ON FACEBOOK. That’s right. I stole it from Facebook.* But it really resonated. I mean, look at it! That poor surf board all tied down. It’s so practical now. We’re on a path toward impracticality, but the best path toward being a surf board for longer is being an ironing board first. Boring jobs get you to the ocean, so they’re not all bad! We are equating what we are doing more to extreme ironing. Iron like it’s hot. Iron like you’re skydiving. And when you’re done with the ironing, turn it into a surfboard.**

This week, take a look at what your surfboard life would look like. Where’s your ocean? And start making calculations to see how soon you can leave your ironing board lifestyle behind! Some days, I calculate and am all: “We can actually retire in 2022 for reals” (which means more than our goal of $500,000) and other days I’m all “we’ll be lucky to hit $500,000 by then!” This week, I’m feeling good about our prospects. From the experiences of others, people always seem to gain momentum quickly in the process and hit their goals on or before their deadlines.

The future is uncertain, but looking at the ironing board, we see it’s potential! Be the surfboard, friends!

Love, Maggie

*Also, Mr. T is out of town with Lui for his Grandmother’s funeral, so I’m on my own on images this week. 🙂

**Unplug the iron first, or you’ll die of electrocution on your first day!


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  1. The Green Swan

    I love the quote, Maggie. It’s all too common to feel a bit like an ironing board. Good inspiration to get back out there to find the ocean, and to chase the dreams and life we want!

    • MaggieBanks

      Ironing board days are necessary to get us to the ocean! I get frustrated when I feel like an ironing board… but now I have a better sense of where I’m headed on that board!

  2. I love my Ironing Board life but if I could journey on it would be in a RV cycling the country. I would rent my house and travel to every state and all the National Parks. Being able to stay as long or short as I like. A dream is to cycle across the US and then back.

    No but really I do not even own an ironing board, at least I do not think I do. For me to leave it all behind right now, that would mean our mortgage is paid off and we are debt free, I would need around 2 Million. I think that is my number to really feel safe and be able to continue my lifestyle only living off of the interest the 2 mill is producing. Then when I am in the 60’s my pension should kick in for some extra money and if social is around that would be nice to have to. But I am not there yet so I guess I will need to continue to surf on with my job and make the best of life in the now. Its still a dream though!

    • MaggieBanks

      That’s a big dream! The right dream and the right steps toward it and you’ll be cycling the National parks in no time!

  3. TheMoneyMine

    Love that quote! It’s always important to keep in mind what the potential is, it keeps us motivated and pushes us to do better. I’m sure you’ll reach your goal ahead of 2022!

  4. Funny quote. I can relate on the ups and downs. Some days it feels like everything is going great and some days it feels like nothing will work out. I think that is just part of having ambitious long term goals.

    • MaggieBanks

      Agreed! So far, this week is a “We’re going to nail this early retirement thing!” Next week I’m sure I’ll change my tune! 🙂

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