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Rockstar Finance #GivingCard: A Loved One

Rockstar Finance #GivingCard: A Loved One

Each month, the Rockstar Finance Giving Fund gives out 25 VISA cards loaded with $20 for people to go help make the world a better place. In February, I signed up for one of them. February’s assignment was to help a “loved one.”

Last Minute Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas (for kids and spouses)

When is Valentine’s Day again? TOMORROW?! Don’t worry… I’ve got your back. I literally don’t do a THING until the day before to prepare and I don’t spend a penny on this holiday!

(Insert: rant about commercialization of a made-up holiday designed to make you spend money to prove your love…)

Valentine’s Day Decorations

Okay, fine. We planned a LITTLE bit ahead on this one, but I still had to share it because it is literally the GREATEST IDEA EVER (I can’t take credit… I found it on Pinterest years ago and I can’t find the original source…).

Grateful Money Amounts

Grateful Money Amounts

I enjoyed the Halloween tweet-storm so much, I decided to do a Thanksgiving version. I asked people to give me one amount of money they are grateful for in 2016:

I thought about this a lot myself before tweeting it out and have an answer that fits in a variety of categories. For each category, I add my own answer and the Twitter responses I got that fit in that category as well.


My $276 amount to see the second ever showing of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child would fit in this category. It was an amazing, historic experience.

fincon-16 conference recap

#FinCon16: What Really Happened!

In case you missed my first coverage of #FinCon16, I’m not actually in San Diego. Like any good reporter, I stayed in my bathrobe in Anchorage and devoured all Twitter coverage. So I can confidently say my coverage is very thorough.

fincon-16 the real story

#FinCon16: The Real Story

FinCon is happening right now in San Diego. I’m not there, but don’t you worry. I have access to Twitter and I can tell you what’s REALLY happening!

When people arrived, they were in for a few surprises. Rain? And very strange beaches….


Week Without A Phone

A week Without a Phone

Last week, I went on a week-long business trip. And I forgot my phone. Packing up 3 kids for a long vacation: no problem, but put me on my own and I’ll forget something obvious! I decided to survive the week without it. Here’s what I learned:

People are Addicted to Phones:

When I told people I had forgotten my phone, most of the responses were:

Shared Inspiration

Shared Inspiration

Last week, I asked readers to share their favorite links. I said I’d share them on the original post, but they were too good not to share on their own. So… Today’s inspiration is from YOU!

  • Harmony from Creating My Kaleidoscope shared a post on 5 Myths About Success from the blog Marc and Angel Hack Life. You guys, I NEEDED this post (thank you, Harmony!). You are trying too hard. Give yourself grace and focus on consistency first. Baby steps. I need to focus on the baby steps.
  • Claudia over at Two Cup House shared The Frugal Vagabond‘s new AWESOME tool called The Earth Awaits. This site is so amazing. You can plug in your priorities in a place to live and your monthly budget and it will pop up the perfect place just for you!
  • Tawcan shared his post on becoming extraordinary and, more specifically, a video of Dr. Wayne Dyer on literally making your dreams reality. This takes the “affirmations” step of the Miracle Morning to the next level.
  • Mustard Seed Money shared an awesome interview they did with former NFL player Gabe Manns. My favorite quote: “The only financial activity going on in the locker room were guys saying bet me $100 if I can make this tape in the waste basket.”

That was fun! Thanks for sharing, friends!

Love, Maggie

The Formula for a Happy, Productive Day

The Formula for a Productive, Happy Day

When Mr. T and I were in London in June, we attended church right near Hyde Park. The speaker mentioned the three things we should be doing every single day and I’ve thought since then about how right he was.

Here is his 3-step formula for a happy, productive day (with my own thoughts added under each one):

UK on a budget

UK Travel on a Budget

We’ve talked about how to save money in London, but what about once you leave the city? Most of the food tips remain the same, and it’s easier to find inexpensive accommodations outside of London (many with breakfast included!). There is so much to see and do in the UK and you surely can’t see it all in one trip. And entry fees start adding up if you just go to see the “big” places. Here are a few tips for outside of London (and awesome pictures of our trip!).

London on a budget

Traveling London on a Budget

London is notorious for being a super expensive city. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to spend time in London without breaking the bank (we stayed for 8 days!). Here are a few ways to save money and travel London on the cheap.

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