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Month: September 2016

Problems with Pareto Principle and Outsourcing

Problems with the Pareto Principle and Outsourcing

If you’ve read enough about how to become rich, you’ve probably encountered two concepts:

  1. Pareto Principle – 20% of the input is responsible for 80% of the output. In personal finance, people tout focusing on only doing that 20% responsible for the most return. That leads to principle number 2:
  2. Outsourcing – For the parts of the 80% of the job that are still necessary, you outsource them.

Let me start by stating that I agree that the Pareto Principle is real and outsourcing can be useful in some regards. Let me also state that I agree that while frugality has limits, income potential does not. I agree that everyone is capable of earning more and the amount is potentially limitless.

Aurora Borealis

August 2016 Plan Update

August was fascinating around here. It rained for the entire month except this last week which has been absolutely gorgeous and perfect with record-breaking temperatures. Hilariously, my college roommate came to visit just when it got perfect and she had the PERFECT Alaskan trip. I mean, I really couldn’t have planned for it to be better. Denali came out for her to see, the belugas were migrating through, we hiked a glacier, we went on a boat ride and saw a humpback whale flap its tail for us (many, many times!), and then the northern lights came out as I was loading her suitcase in the car to head to the airport. It was fabulous. It’s weeks like this one where I think: “There is no better place on this planet!” Sorry, folks. But it would be hard to beat all that! Alaska is the greatest. 

Glacier Pond

Humpback Tail

Northern Expressions

Northern Expressions: Manage Your Lifestyle

You can't outearn dumb spending

Happy Friday, friends. Today’s Northern Expression comes from the one and only J.D. Roth. If you haven’t read it yet, go check out the awesome (and free!) The Money Boss Manual. Simple advice, but so wise and true. As you celebrate your holiday weekend (Labor Day for our overseas visitors), just ask yourself what makes you truly happy. These questions might help. Life is meant to be enjoyed, but you have to find balance with your current self and your future self.

Plan updates coming Monday, so get excited! I look forward to checking in with you after the weekend to tell you all about our exciting month. Until then, go and be joyful!

Love, Maggie

PS – Another weekly newsletter of interesting links from the interwebs goes out tomorrow morning. Sign up on the sidebar. Tomorrow’s email features a study about the population of people that watch trash films (think: Sharknado). I love studies on random things!

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