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Month: May 2016

Roth IRA Challenge: After You’ve Crushed It!

I’m really excited about today’s Roth IRA Challenge! Mr. Groovy is joining us today from over at Freedom is Groovy where he and his wife write about their collective journey to leave the rat race to “Take a Hit of Freedom” (as their blog tagline declares). They are hilarious writers with fascinating, original takes on the same topics we all discuss. Today’s guest post is a perfect example. Mr. Groovy asked if he could do a new twist on the Roth IRA Challenge – what to do with the money AFTER you max out a Roth IRA (“Of Course!” I said. “What a brilliant idea!”). So, he’s here today to give a great guide to investing with an awesome asset allocation tool for all of you! Take it away Mr. Groovy:

gazingus pin

The Gazingus Pin: Your Spending Weakness

It’s no secret that one of my all-time favorite books is Your Money or Your Life. The book constantly talks about the Gazingus Pin. The Gazingus Pin is the ridiculous thing you continue to spend your money on. The book couldn’t say “clothes” or “movies” because specific items would be too close to home for many readers. As I read that book, I kept thinking “I don’t go to the mall. I’ve stopped going to Target and Target clearance was my Gazingus Pin. I’ve already solved my problem!” Maybe you’re thinking that, too. You’ve stopped getting coffee on the way to work. Congratulations! Unfortunately, the problem with the Gazingus Pin is that it’s not usually the thing that’s easy to cut out. It’s that thing you need that you never realized you buy in quantities too large to be useful.

April 2016 Plan Update

April 2016 Plan Update

Is there ever a dull month? This month involved a broken water pipe and a flooded crawlspace, entertaining both sets of parents for a week, and finding out I’m severely anemic (explains the chronic fatigue for the past several months – Me to doctor: “Not everyone blacks out every time they stand up? I assumed that was normal”). As April wraps up, we have only 5 weeks to go until our big UK/Paris adventure. To say I’m excited would be a tremendous understatement. But at least the trip is forcing us to get some estate planning done (finally! right?). Don’t worry, there’s a whole post coming up on the process and how to save money (you were worried, I know).

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