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Month: March 2016

Iditarod 44

The Iditarod started yesterday and we wouldn’t be Alaskan if we didn’t talk about it. In truth, I love the Iditarod. The Iditarod, in part, celebrates the great serum run of 1925. Nome was hit hard with diphtheria and needed medicine.


Roth IRA Challenge: Creating My Kaleidoscope

Another awesome blogger took the Roth IRA Challenge! Here’s Harmony Smith from over at Creating My Kaleidoscope to tell us about how she added $5,500 (the amount of money it takes to max out a Roth IRA) to her budget and what she did with the money:

Debt sucks. We’re still deep in the hole, but working hard to dig ourselves out. 2015 was a pretty momentous year in that we welcomed our third child into the family. I was pleased to look back on our finances and realize that we were able to pay off more than $20,000 in debt over the year, despite taking extended parental leave. Our success was due to the combined effect of saving money and increasing our income. This is how we came up with $5,500 of our debt-repayment money, an amount which we’d much rather be investing in a Roth IRA.

February 2016 Plan Update

I love the beginning of the month. It’s the time to sit down, figure out where we stand on the plan, and track the numbers! Overall, this was a great month at the Banks’ house. The most exciting news? Our post about putting your kids to work was featured on Rockstar Finance! Dreams do come true! February was spent touching everything in our house and getting rid of tons of stuff. We started with organizing our clothes, moved on to purging books, tackled the bathroom and kitchen organization (and found a million bag clips and hairbands!), and then worked our way through the rest of the house.

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