Denali Northern Expenditure

Month: November 2015

Scarcity Spending

Scarcity is a big economic principle surrounding the basic idea of something being in short supply. For our purposes here, however, we’re going to define scarcity as the “opposite of sticker shock.” Our definitions:

Sticker Shock – Something you experience when you see how expensive things are. When you first move to Alaska, you will experience this. Apples are nearly $3/lb?! (not at Costco, though still more expensive than outside Alaska).

Scarcity – When you leave Alaska and realize everything is so cheap, but those prices will only last until you go back to expensive Alaska!

Hey Everybody! Have a better dream!

“Hey Everybody!” by 5 Seconds of Summer – Have you heard this song yet? When I first heard it on the radio, I wasn’t quite sure where they were going with it. Luckily, the actual music video gives a little more to go on. It’s the usual story: they’re broke so they dream about living in a gigantic mansion and literally raking up their money. Here’s where I stand on this message:

October 2015 Plan Update

Another month has come and gone and this one shot by fast. At the beginning of the month, we received our annual PFD checks, so this month’s numbers reflect that chunk of money! Mr. T and I reflected upon how we love it when people say “That looks like a lot of work” and we also participated in an awesome financial date night where we really pinned down our current goals. Also, this month, our family got to take a family trip out to the Midwest to seeĀ siblings, cousins, and for me to work in the office for a few days. We had an absolute blast swimming, partying, going to pumpkin patches, and eating. I even managed to grab myself a 33% raise while I was in the office! Hopefully that will go through next month. The weather here has turned colder and we got a couple inches of snow this weekend. Another lovely month for the Banks.

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