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How I’m Making $10,360 Overnight

Tonight, I’ll go to bed as I usually do, and when I wake up, I will be $10,000 richer. The secret? Live in Alaska. Okay, so the title was clickbait. But it’s true. Tomorrow every eligible Alaskan will be $2,072 richer than they are today because the Permanent Fund Dividend will land in bank accounts and be mailed out to others. (To celebrate, it decided to snow last night!) With five of us, that makes us $10,360 richer tomorrow.

Energy Rebate Program Update: Front Door and Attic Insulation

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated on our Alaska Energy Rebate Program progress. We’re nearing completion. While we hoped to have it all done in time to get our rebate check around the same time as the PFD, we’re now aiming to finish up by the end of the year (with the check arriving 8-12 weeks into the new year).

Accidentally Quitting: Accountability Fridays

Last week, J. Money over at Budgets Are Sexy mentioned in a post about becoming a mad scientist with your money that he makes sure he never misses a blog post. At the beginning, he was anal about it because he didn’t want to “accidentally quit.” He mentioned that as an aside, but I haven’t stopped thinking about it. How many things have I accidentally quit? The answer is: a lot. Then, another J in the blogosphere over at Hey, It’s Just Money, had a realization: “I don’t need to have monthly goals because I actually want to accomplish pretty much the same things every month.” And I thought: “Me too! I’ve had the exact same goals forever! So why do I fail?” Both of these posts snapped me into action. I’ve already declared that my own failure is my own fault, but I didn’t make an action plan for anything but my finances (which are going just fine). Let’s look at what works for me:

Don’t Buy In To “Facebook Finances”

During my obsessive consumption of social media coming out of #FinCon15, I caught pictures of the full faces of two of my favorite anonymous bloggers: The Frugalwoods and J. Money. Neither of them looked anything like I’d imagined (which is surprising because I’ve seen a lot of profiles, partial faces, etc). But instead of being disappointed, I thought “how refreshing!” The financial blogger world (and especially the early retirement world) is such an interesting microcosm because people talk about real money. People share their net worth. People share how much they spend, down to the penny. Savings and Debt payoff are celebrated! Financial Independence days are a thing! But we don’t know or care about job titles, home sizes, or even what these people look like!

#FinCon15 – A Twitter Story of FinCon

If you missed our initial coverage of FinCon15, you’ll need to know that we are not actually in Charlotte. We’re enjoying the fall up in Alaska. But don’t worry. We’re pretty sure we’ve gotten the entire story from FinCon15 based entirely on #FinCon15 posts on Twitter. We’ll fill you in on what you may have missed:

What’s REALLY happening at FinCon15

Disclaimer: I am not at FinCon this year. But I can tell you what’s happening based entirely on the #FinCon15 hastag on Twitter. Yeah. The real story. From a 3 hour segment yesterday. So, let’s start with the basics:

FinCon is in Charlotte. And the weather is lovely.


Our Next Life: The Series Continues

Based on an original series by Think, Save, Retire and continued by Our Next Life (the blog), I’m completing the “Our Next Life” series for Northern Expenditure. This means discussing the transition, the quitting, and the goals and plans for life after “work.” This is an interesting subject for me to tackle because instead of having super definitive plans, we’re sort of all over the place. But here’s where we’re at today:

A Newbie’s Guide to Real Estate Investing

Today, you can find me writing over at The Frugal Cottage while I share this corner with Chris from Money Mozart – a personal finance blog that focuses on living well below your means, saving money, making money in odd ways, and overall just practicing frugality like a bo$$. He’s an avid craft beer lover and also enjoys long walks on the beach with his wife and miniature poodle. Take it away Chris…

Don’t Eat Money!

I know. I just finished saying I’m not telling you what to do. But I’m making an exception today. I’m not sure how I missed this trend, but apparently, people are eating gold. Yes, actual gold. In food. What’s even more fascinating to me is that I came across this trend in the healthcare sphere where people were questioning if eating gold was safe. Pfffffffffttttt (that was my tap water blasting out of my mouth dramatically). Come again? Is eating gold safe? WHY IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION?! (yes, I’m yelling)

Enlighten Us

A lot of things on this blog are things to do or how to do things or steps to take. Let me clarify that we are not winning at all of these things. You know what I’m good at? Research. I am fabulous at finding out what research has been done on a topic and putting it into a simple “do this” to “get this” (ie: How to Start a New Habit). Want to know what I’m horrible at? Following my own advice. I have exercised a total of 4 times in the past 30 days. And I just spent $12.00 yesterday at the grocery store to feed my family lunch in the car on the way to see Beluga whales (check out the white lump in the photo below!) instead of spending five minutes at home making my own lunch.

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