The Financial Independence Anthem

We’re big fans of They Might Be Giants. They make catchy, intelligent children’s music. My kids were listening to one of their favorite CDs by They Might be Giants, Here Come the 1,2,3sThe Seven Days of the Week song came on and we all started singing loudly. I realized this is it. This is the Financial Independence Anthem. It’s about never going to work and living a dream. Maybe your dream is to play the trumpet. When you reach Financial Independence, you can practice all day every day so Sunday you play best! “Oh no, no I never go to work…”

On that note, I have spent the past two weeks reading for the very first time and then re-reading Your Money or Your Life. I have devoured this book. It’s an old book, but so amazing. It’s cited as the book that coined the phrase “Financial Independence” and it has a 9-step action plan to getting there. After my first read-through, I almost quit blogging, because when it comes to “how to,” they’ve covered it. If you haven’t read this book, put it on hold at the library immediately. If it’s not there, find a way! Let’s follow this action plan together and then sooner than we think, we can sing together: “Oh no, no I never go to work…”


Fight Back by Changing the Rules


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  1. Kim from Philadelphia

    I also love TMBG! I’ve seen them before in concert, and they are coming back to Philadelphia in March!!!

    It feel so good to live by our own financial rules!

  2. This is fantastic! Don’t stop blogging. Write the why-to, not the how-to 🙂

    • MaggieBanks

      Right. I’m on to telling my story. And I can still pepper some good research throughout. 🙂

  3. Tawcan

    That’s totally awesome. Penny has a good point, I need to remember that. 😉

  4. What we indeed need is a why-do-we-do-it-gain? There are many times that I hesitate on the need to save for later vs living now… Important then to have people out there that might have the same doubts/feelings/questions

  5. Substitute banjo and dobro for trumpet, and that will definitely be my theme song. 🙂 Even recently Mrs. SSC has been pushing for starting the Lifestyle Change sooner than later, and “we’ll just figure out the rest as we go along.” I’ll make her listen to this song. Or…. Maybe I shouldn’t…. 🙂

    • MaggieBanks

      Oh I’m with Mrs. SSC. I am totally impatient. Mr. T always talks about starting his own thing, so I keep saying “just do it!” He’s too cautious. 🙂

  6. “And Fridays I detest” –> WOW. That is the ultimate Financial Independence Anthem line! Considering people who work Monday-Friday say “FRI-YAY” or any fun phrase like that once the work day is done. People who haven’t reached financial independence probably could never fathom why you would detest a Friday?! I’m thinking about that right now haha.

    • MaggieBanks

      Seriously! That’s when everyone starts partying like you’ve already been partying all week, but the stores and gyms and movie theaters fill up. The weekend becomes the time you don’t want to go out!

  7. Love the tune – never heard it before! It IS the perfect anthem for financial independence. I’m going to play this on my way to work on April Fool’s Day when I turn in my laptop & badge. 🙂

  8. Great find! There should be a singalong to this at FinCon.

  9. How am I just seeing this? That was awesome!

    I haven’t read YMOYL either. Now that I’m on a huge library and reading binge, I’ll need to check it out.

    • MaggieBanks

      Pretty great huh. You should also check out They Might Be Giants kids albums Here come the 1-2-3s and Here come the ABCs and Here comes science. They’re all awesome!

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