Friday Inspiration: Share with Us

Friday Inspiration: Share With Us

Hello Friends. As you know, on Fridays, I usually share an inspirational quote or a Roth IRA Challenge. Today, I’d like to hear from YOU!

If you are on the list for my weekly emails (if not, sign up on the sidebar!), you’ll know that I share interesting links every single week. The problem with being such a big reader is that I want to read ALL THE THINGS. I want you to share interesting or inspirational links (no, they don’t have to be PF related… some of my favorites involve British Museums planting fake art or the implications of talking products.

In the comments, share links to anything that answers this question: What is the most interesting/enlightening article you’ve read lately?

I’ll share all the links here, so you can all come back later and learn like I do! I’m excited!


Problems with the Pareto Principle and Outsourcing


Saving a Million Dollars is Easy!


  1. I always enjoy reading the posts on Marc & Angel Hack Life. They try to help others find authentic happiness and success. I enjoyed their recent post:
    5 Popular Myths About Success –

  2. This video at end of my post here:

    Two hours long but worth every minute.

  3. I was super excited when I had the chance to interview a former NFL player about his life and finances after the NFL.

    I may be bias but I haven’t read anything like this online in the finance blogsphere. 🙂

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