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Dipnetting: 2020

As a reminder, dipnetting is how we get our salmon for the whole year here in Alaska. I’ve explained the dipnetting process here and even shared our salmon recipe if you want to know how we cook it weekly.

This year I needed this dipnetting trip more than ever. We went with a family that is also avoiding other humans, stayed two nights, and it was so much of what I needed: sunshine, beach time, socializing time, etc. So therapeutic!

Penny and Florin tried dipnetting this year for the first time as well and each of them caught their first even salmon this year, so that was very exciting!

How did we do? It was a slow year. We worked hard and stayed two nights, but again, it was just what I needed. Total count: 25 salmon. – This equals just over 58 lbs of edible meat. The fish were also pretty small this year. Our smallest fillet: 9 oz (we’re going to try our hand at home smoking the little ones this year!). Biggest fillet: 30 oz (42 oz is our record).


Every year I calculate all the expenses associated with dipnetting to see just how good of a deal we’re getting on our salmon.


  • $58 – Fishing licenses for Mr. T and I.
  • $21.59 – Ice to keep the fish cool after catching.
  • $22.63 – Gas for the car (at least this cost is lower than previous years!)
  • $70 – The cost to camp on the beach two nights and drop our stuff off.
  • $139.99 – We used to get our salmon professionally smoked, but they went out of business, so we bought ourselves a smoker this year and decided to give it a try (no idea how that will go yet).
  • $22.32 – Blizzards at Dairy Queen for the whole family on the way home.
  • $79.99 – Waders for the girls. Price of them catching their first salmon: PRICELESS. (you saw that one coming, didn’t you?)

Total Costs: $414.52

Total Cost Per Pound: $7.15

It was our lowest meat haul since starting the blog and our most expensive per pound costs ever, but again, I feel like the therapy of going and doing was worth it. We actually got a vacation in the time of COVID and relaxation therapy. And with the salmon running pretty slow, I’m pretty happy with our haul.

For the first time, we kept the salmon bellies and smoked them. We also saved the salmon bellies from the friends that fished with us. They added up to an extra ten pounds of salmon. If you include those, it helps!

Total Cost Per Pound (Including Bellies): $6.10

What does salmon cost per pound where you are?


Q2 2020 Plan Update


Q3 2020 Plan Update


  1. We normally pay $7.99/lb on sale, but it’s around $9.99-12.99/lb not on sale. So assuming that your labor of cleaning and smoking the fish is offset by the vacation aspect, you’re still coming out ahead if you calculate that sort of thing ?

    It sounds like y’all had a great trip with the kids’ first catches and just getting away! Love the dipnet updates as always ?

  2. Our salmon cost is $7.94/lb but that’s for Atlantic farm raised,and I know wild caught Pacific salmon is more in line with what revanche posted above.

    But,add in the memories and therapeutic nature of it all and it’s still a win.

    Plus,smoking is easy. Just check some you tube videos and try not to get them too hot. I’m assuming cold smoked, but maybe you’ll do differently. ??‍♂️

    Good luck! ???

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